Blended Case Management (BCM)

What is Blended Case Management?

BCM is a service that assists children and adolescents with a variety of behavioral health/medical needs and their families by building a strong network of community resources and services. The BCM program plays a major role by linking clients with needed services in the community.  A case manager will advocate for children and their families; help negotiate complex systems such as special education and social services; assist families in maintaining and finding access to basic living needs and skills such as employment, housing, food, medical care and recreation and provide on-site crisis intervention.  On-call case management is available 24 hours/7 days a week for supportive assistance whenever needs arise.

Who is eligible?

BCM services for those who reside in Montgomery County are available to children and adolescents ages 3-18, or to those who are in high school up to age 21, who have Medical Assistance. BCM services for those who reside in Bucks County are available to children and adolescents ages 3-26. Special care is taken for cases in which there have been numerous out-of-home placements including hospitalizations.

Who can make a referral?

We welcome self-referrals in addition to referrals from physicians, other providers, family members, or friends.

BCM team information

A BCM case manager is someone who is dedicated to helping obtain access to the support services your family needs. The role of the case manager is to be a stable resource, available to assist the family as challenges arise both day to day and long term and will work to connect the family with any and all resources that they may need. Each case manager will receive weekly oversight to offer clinical and administrative support by a BCM supervisor.

What services are provided?

Each child or adolescent is assigned an individual case manager who will work with the child and family to monitor and access services. The type of case manager will depend on the child and family’s level of need. Children, adolescents and families may be seen as often as weekly with a minimum of once-a-month face-to-face contact, depending on level of care needed. The level or type of case management service is determined by the intensity of each family’s unique situation.

While focusing on the long-term future for your family, the main goals are to provide:

  • Assistance accessing and maintaining community supports and services
  • Coordination of care among providers, school districts and any other system your family may need
  • Family Support tailored to assist individuals through times of need
  • Development of Youth and Family Individualized Service Plans
  • On-call Case Management available 24 hours/7 days a week for supportive assistance

How to obtain services

For more information, call (610) 650-7750.