Systems Integration Facilitation (SIF)

What is Systems Integration Facilitation (SIF)?

SIF provides comprehensive Interagency Team Meeting (ITMs) facilitation leadership for assigned youth, families, and systems. The youth may have complex needs such as a referral to a residential treatment facility (RTF), discharge from RTF, seeking mental health treatment, children and youth involvement, inpatient hospitalization, partial hospitalization programs, and more.

What services are provided?

  • Planning for services that may be needed
  • Exploring resources and other supports
  • Help identify what you want to plan for
  • Support planning while waiting for other services
  • Discharge from level of care/Discharge plan needed
  • Collaboration between team members

Who is eligible?

Youth between the ages of 3-21 who:

  • Have active Medical Assistance or who are MA Eligible
  • Reside in Bucks County
  • Present with needs that require planning
  • May be at risk of out of home placement
  • May be aging out of the system
  • Currently work with a team that needs more support

Who can make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral to SIF including the youth, parents, guardians, therapists, and school counselors.

The SIF Team

The SIF team is a program operated by a SIF Facilitator and a SIF Supervisor. The program is overseen by the Bucks County Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Programs. Families can expect:

  • SIF to be a voluntary service to help families during the planning process
  • Regular check-in meetings with SIF to discuss progress
  • Regular Interagency Team Meetings (ITM) with SIF and team members to address the family’s needs
  • Identifying strengths and needs of your child and your family
  • Notes from the ITMs will be provided.

How to obtain services

Anyone can contact the SIF team to obtain information regarding the program. The SIF team will share program information, collect information regarding the youth/barriers, and brainstorm ideas to support the individual, family, and team members with identified barriers. If the team would like to move forward with the referral process, a referral form will be completed and sent to the SIF program. SIF will then process the referral and contact the family for a meet and greet in addition to planning the initial Interagency Team Meeting. Below includes the contact information for the SIF team.

To submit a referral, please email