??Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

??What are Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services?

BHRS, also known as Wraparound, is a therapeutic program designed to provide support to children with emotional and behavioral needs. BHRS provides comprehensive treatment to children to assist them in becoming more functional in their natural settings, such as the home, school or community.  Our BHRS program works with each child and his or her family to assist them in developing strategies to manage challenging behaviors more effectively.  BHRS uses a relationship based approach; meeting children and families where they are and partnering with them to achieve their family vision.

What We Do

BHRS are intensive, community-based services that help families achieve goals such as:

  • Managing emotional regulation
  • Increasing appropriate behavior
  • Social skills development
  • Building conflict resolution skills
  • Development of effective parenting techniques
  • Improving time management and organization strategies
  • Enhancing family relationships and support
  • Expanding community resources and natural supports

The overall goal of BHRS is to transfer skills to parents or primary caregivers that will empower them to more effectively address their child’s emotional and behavioral needs so that professional supports are no longer necessary.

A Team Tailored to Meet Your Child’s Needs

A BHRS treatment team can consist of:

  • Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC) who is a Master’s Degree professional that develops the treatment plan,  monitors its implementation and consults with other professionals involved with the child.
  • Mobile Therapist (MT) who is a Master’s Degree professional that provides intensive therapy to the child and his or her family, as outlined in the treatment plan.
  • Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) who is a Bachelor’s Degree professional that helps to implement the treatment plan  goals and behavioral strategies in conjunction with parents and other caregivers.


BHRS serves children 21 years and younger who are covered by Medical Assistance in either Montgomery County or Delaware County.

How to Obtain Services

The referral process for BHRS differs among counties.  Please contact 610-650-7750 to find out how to initiate a referral within your county.