Transition to Independence Process (TIP)

What is Transition to Independence Process (TIP)?

TIP is developed to engage and support young adults experiencing emotional and behavioral struggles with regards to future planning processes across these primary transition domains: education opportunities; living situation; employment; career; community life functioning; personal effectiveness, and well-being.

TIP provides a great deal of flexibility and works to engage young adults through relationship-building and person-centered planning with a focus on their future. Services and supports are tailored to be accessible, appealing, non-stigmatizing, and developmentally appropriate, while they build upon strengths to support the young adult in pursuing their goals across these transition domains. Personal choice and social responsibility are acknowledged and developed, and personal competencies will be enhanced to support the young adult in greater self-sufficiency and confidence.

TIP will work to ensure that a safety net of supports, including formal and informal individuals in that young adult’s life, is in place. TIP will maintain an outcome focus and involve young adults, their parents, community partners, programs, and community supports. Each young adult will work with a TIP Facilitator and will have access to a Peer-Support Specialist. TIP Facilitators work alongside the young adult to support them in their own future planning process.

Who is Eligible?

Young adults between the ages of 16 and 26 with emotional and behavioral difficulties who have a primary psychiatric diagnosis and are on medical assistance (MA) are eligible.

Who Can Make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral on behalf of the young person by filling out the TIP referral form. Before submitting, it is encouraged that the referral be discussed with the young adult to ensure that they are interested in exploring TIP services. TIP works collaboratively with all other individuals involved in the young adult’s life.

What Services are Provided?

Services include:

  • Case management (BCM, D&A)
  • High Fidelity Wraparound
  • Residential treatment facilities
  • Family based services (ACT, CTT, and MST) are considered a duplication of the services with TIP.

Each young adult’s needs will be evaluated, and together with their supports, an individualized plan will be created and implemented.

How to Obtain Services

For more information, please contact a program director at (215) 847-9700 or fill out the online referral form below.

TIP Referral Form